Can we buy tickets on the gate?

No. Owing to social distancing regulations no tickets are available on the gate. All ticket sales must be made online. Please see our main page to buy your tickets.

How many tickets will I need?

We are selling tickets at one ticket per car, no matter the occupancy. No need to buy multiple tickets for multiple people.

How much are tickets?

£25 per car

How will the purchase of snacks/food work?

A menu will be given to you as you arrive. Indicate your interest in buying food by putting on your hazard lights. A runner will approach your vehicle to take your order. Payment will be by contactless device after which food will be delivered to you.

How will the Lottery work?

All cars/tickets purchased will be automatically entered into a draw, the winner being announced at some point during the evening. First prize of £75, second prize of £25. Lottery will be held each evening

Can you tell me more about the celebrity gig?

On friday and Saturday night Mark Radcliffe and his band “Une” will be on stage entertainment galore.

What time does it all start?

We will be able to accept entry of vehicles from 17.00 with the music session starting around 18.00 for 3/4 hour, followed by a break at 19:00 with the film starting around 19.30 finishing around 21.30

Is there a limit on vehicle size or number of occupants?

Vehicles of any size are welcome, but larger vehicles – such as vans or SUVs – may be placed at the sides of the viewing areas so as not to block other people’s views.

Can I choose where my vehicle will be placed?

Spaces will be allocated strictly in the order of booking – the later you book, the further from the screen you will be!

How will we hear the film?

As part of your Welcome Pack, you will be given a wireless receiver through which the audio will be broadcast. These must be returned on your way out of the event.

Which entrance into Verdin Park should I use?

Entry into Verdin Park will be from the Castle Street entrance at the bottom of the park (Use the post code CW8 1BA or What3Words ///strict.spike.bricks to find it on a SatNav)

What will the Welcome Pack contain?

Your Welcome Pack will include:

  • Your audio receiver
  • A food ordering form
  • A bin bag for your rubbish (please take this home with you)

Everything in the pack will be sanitised, and the pack will be sealed before being passed to you. Each pack will be linked to the vehicles registration, so you must inform us of any changes before arriving on site.