Be Covid-19 Aware!

How you can help. Staff and volunteers at The Great Verdin Park Drive-In will take all suggested measures to ensure you and you family are kept safe at all times.We would ask that you and any guests you are with share our commitment to keeping everyone healthy.

Stay in your bubble. Keep everyone safe.

The occupants of your vehicle should be members of your household or bubble.

Stay in your car.

Except for bathroom breaks please stay in your vehicle at all times. Food orders can be made by flashing your hazards.

Follow the guidelines.

Please follow all current Coronavirus guidance and the instructions of our event stewards.

Stay apart 2 meters.

Please maintain proper social distance at all times when outside your vehicle.

Wear a full facemask. Properly.

We encourage visitors to wear a face mask that adequately covers nose and mouth at all times while outside your vehicle.